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A special wedding where two families became one. And what a beautiful day it was! L&L sent me a message about the wedding they would have in a year. We worked together and we were able to create a beautiful wedding, with a handsome couple and all their lovely guests.

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There she is, his beautiful bride! After a moment of admiration, a loving kiss and a hug from the children it was time to go for the photoshoot.  

And they went in style; a characteristic Volkswagen van, with the sun sneaking through behind the clouds. The family arrived in the park for the photoshoot with all happy faces!


Time for the ceremony. The ceremony was planned in a beautiful spot outside, but unfortunately the Dutch weather had different plans. At 2 p.m. as the ceremony started, the thunder was raging outside. Glad with the final decision to do the ceremony inside, everyone was listening to the love story of this beautiful couple. A friend of the bridal couple captivated everyone with his beautiful words and the family got united with a sand ceremony, each with their own color.

Bruiloft L&L

On the 12th of July the day was finally there. The bride was up early in the morning to get ready for their big day. The children got dressed, a finishing touch; ready for a day never to forget.
The groom picked up his beautiful bride up, with a first look at the door. He rings the doorbell, nerves race through his body and then the door opens...


After the ceremony it was time for a delicious dinner, followed by dessert and fireworks!

Slowly the evening guests arrived and love was celebrated until the early hours.

Photo credits: Christl

Dear L&L,
Thank you for your trust and all the pleasant evenings. I really enjoyed organizing this day with you and I will always look back on this special day with great pleasure. I wish your beautiful family lots of love and happiness!

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