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Photo credits: Nolla Photography

Congratulations, you're getting married!

You're ready to take the next step; getting married! 

You have an exciting journey ahead, working towards the wedding where you may vow to have and to hold each other for the rest of your lifes. Exciting, but maybe also a bit overwhelming. When organizing a wedding there are a lot of options and decisiont to be made and many things to arrange. But no worries, I'm here to help! 

We would love to help you with the organization of your intimate wedding in Spain. Working from passion I'll guide you step by step through the organization of your ideal wedding, so you can focus on the fun stuff and enjoy this journey.  Together we'll create a wedding that will put a smile on everyones face!




Wedding in Barcelona

Arnoud & Marcella

In 2020 we decided to get married abroad. We wanted to celebrate our wedding with the closest circle and in a special place. I knew that Ria had started in Spain as wedding planner. Thus began the first conversation. She asked about our wishes and eventually we arrived at our beautiful location for the wedding.


For the last few months we had almost daily contact to discuss every detail. That is why we describe Ria as a very involved wedding planner, someone who pursues the wishes of the couple and has a lot of knowledge of what a wedding should look like. Ria was present at our wedding to make sure everything went smoothly, we had an unforgettable day!


Do you have any questions or would you like to discuss your ideas for your wedding? I would love to get in touch.

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